A Revamped User Experience

A Revamped User Experience

Early May 2022 BrighterMonday launched a revamped version of our website in harmony with the industry best practices in tech and design. In case you missed it, this article will give you the highlights of what's new on the website.
  1. A Clean and Modern User Interface: To keep up with best practices, the team used cutting-edge design systems to rebuild the existing user interface. The outcome was a minimalist-driven user interface that is less noisy and more intuitive.
  2. Better Navigation: With new design systems, menu options were transitioned from the Hamburger Menu on the left side of the screen, to a drop-down menu at the top section of the screen. This new approach was adopted to make menu options more transparent to you.
  3. A Solutions Comparison Feature: For the hiring managers, we added an extra feature that differentiates features across all products. This enhancement allows you to make the right purchase decision without any regrets.
The video below illustrates how we made it easy to access and understand the functionality of the website

Stay tuned for more helpful improvements that will be rolled out in the next few months. Among the changes include the ability to narrow down the right candidates by pre-shortlisting applicants, while at the same time actively sending out feedback to candidates.

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