All You Need to Know About the Job Listings on Brightermonday

All You Need to Know About the Job Listings on Brightermonday

As your number 1 jobs platform, we seek to solve the major problem of the job seeker, which is not having enough jobs to apply for, we have thousands of jobs on our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a recommended job vs other market jobs? 
We display Brightermonday jobs from employers we directly interact with as recommended/endorsed jobs and additional jobs sourced from across the internet. 
  1. Where do the jobs come from? 
We have two sources of jobs: 
Direct job listings from employers we verify and work with. 
We source jobs from across the internet and display them to save you time and effort and give you the best choice for finding your dream job. 
  1. Can I trust the other market jobs? 
You can always trust our jobs with our “recommended/endorsed” tag as these are employers who have listed their jobs directly with us. For all other jobs we source from the internet, please be mindful, no job should ever ask you to pay to apply. We do our best to only share great quality jobs but as they have not originated with us, we cannot guarantee their authenticity.. 
  1. Does Brightermonday verify the jobs? 
We only verify the jobs we receive directly from employers - you can find these with the “recommended” tag on each job. 
  1. How do I apply for jobs? 
Simply click apply and there will be two paths, one is to complete the application through the Brightermonday flow. The other method is to click a link that will redirect you off our website and to another website to apply. 
  1. How frequently are they updated/refreshed? 
All jobs on our platform are live for a maximum of 60 days with new jobs coming onto the platform every day. 
  1. Do I have to apply for all jobs through Brightermonday or go off the platform? 
For jobs provided by employers through Brightermonday, you will be able to apply directly with your CV and Brightermonday profile. For job listings that provide a link to apply on a different website, you will need to complete the application process on the other website.

Ensure to prioritize caution when applying for jobs without the “recommended/endorsed” tag.

Safeguard your interests with these essential tips:
1. Scrutinize job postings meticulously, verifying legitimacy and avoiding potential scams.
2. Research employers thoroughly, examining their reputation and credibility.
3. Exercise discretion when sharing personal information, ensuring it is only provided to trusted and verified sources.
4. Stay vigilant for red flags, such as unrealistic promises or requests for upfront payments. Your career security matters to us, so take the necessary steps to make informed choices and protect your future."

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