Answers to Questions That Employers Frequently Ask

Answers to Questions That Employers Frequently Ask


What is BrighterMonday?

BrighterMonday was established in 2006 and is Kenya’s leading recruitment and HR services platform. We have over 800,000+ candidates and 30,000+ employers successfully using the platform to get access to the right opportunities and talent.

What is an employer account?

An employer account is an organisation profile you create on BrighterMonday which then allows you to advertise for open roles that you seek to fill. You are also able to receive and process applications directly from your Employer Account which links to the BrighterMonday Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
Some of the information required in order to create an employer profile:
  1. Company Name - as registered. Including operating name if different from registered name)
  2. Industry - what sector you operate in
  3. Number of employees
  4. Whether you’re a direct employer or a recruitment agency
  5. Contact person name - who BrighterMonday engages with on your account use
  6. Notification Email - where you would like to receive updates on account activity
  7. Business phone number
  8. Address - full physical address in the format Building, floor, office no, street, town
  9. Website - optional
In order to create login credentials to access your account you will need to fill out the following information
  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email
  4. Telephone number
  5. Create a Password

What is account verification?

This is a Quality Assurance process meant to ensure that only persons authorized to act on behalf of your business/organization are able to create and use a BrighterMonday employer account.
The verification process includes request for:
  1. Communication via domain-based work email
  2. Copy of business registration certificate
  3. Copy of business KRA PIN
  4. Introduction/Authorization letter on company letterhead
  5. Any other info that the Quality Control (QC) team may deem necessary

Why is my employer account not active?

An inactive account means you are unable to either login, post a job, access applications or any of the functionalities available in an active account. The reasons why your account could be inactive include:
  1. You have not completed the verification process
  2. You edited info on your account that has not yet been validated by the QC team
  3. Your account was flagged for suspicious activity and is being investigated prior to reactivation/deactivation

What to do if my employer account is not active?

Should you find that you are unable to access your account or are missing some functionality, please contact us through the following channels for a resolution
  1. Webchat
  2. Whatsapp: +254 780 029 000
  3. Email: / 
  4. Phone: +254 703 126 000

What features am I able to access from my employer account?

Once your account is verified and activated you’re able to do the following
  1. Select and pay for any of our online solutions
  2. Post a job advert
  3. Receive and process applications
  4. Create candidate pools to share with your collaborators or for consideration in future roles
  5. Send emails to candidates who apply for roles you advertise


What is a job post or listing?

A job post is an advertisement for an open role within your organisation (or in the case of recruitment and consulting firms, the open role could be within a client organisation). 

What should I include in my job post?

BrighterMonday advises that you ensure your job post includes
  1. A summary of the role and your company or business, 
  2. Location of the job
  3. An overview of the duties and responsibilities for the advertised job - at least 4 bullet points
  4. Required qualifications (e.g., skills, education, years of experience) - at least 4 bullet points
  5. Benefits/perks - you have the option to hide the salary details* 
  6. Whether it’s an internship, full-time, part-time or contract position. If internship, indicate if unpaid., 
  7. Application instructions to be followed by interested candidates
  8. Any and other important job details.

How to post a job on BrighterMonday

  1. Login to your Employer Account: Visit and click on the Login button on the top right of your screen; enter your registered email address and password in order to gain access to the employer dashboard then follow the steps below:
    1. Step 1: Ensure you have adequate job credits to post a job: Job credits are tokens that allow you to post a job advert on BrighterMonday. The token determines what features you have access to when advertising your role. Your advert will go live once you've paid for the advert. In the event you bought a job credit in advance, your job post will go live after you click the “POST” button.
    2. Step 2(a): Click the Post a Job button to get started: The Post a Job button can be found in your Employer Dashboard. Select what type of job post you have bought credits for e.g. Basic Job, Standard Job, Best Match or Linkout

    3. Step 2(b): If you are an employer in the agri-food sector, posting under the Vijana na Kilimo project, You are able to post internship and entry level agri-food sector job listings under the “Starter Job” category at no charge. The rest of the job posting process is described below.

    4. Step 3: Job Details. Next you’ll be prompted to add in some information about the role you are seeking to fill. Please note that ALL of the fields marked with an asterisk (*) below are mandatory and have to be filled out before you can proceed with the job posting process. Some important info to include: 
      1. Job title*
      2. Job function and industry*
      3. Job description*
      4. List of responsibilities
      5. Job qualifications and requirements
      6. Type of job: Full-time or part-time*
      7. Pay range & Benefits*
      8. Location*
      9. The more information you provide, the better. When you provide all the info a job seeker needs, you can have a better chance of capturing the right person’s attention
    5. Step 4: Job description: This is the meat of the role. At BrighterMonday, we recommend breaking down your job description into the following parts: 
      1. Job summary - this helps you attract the right candidate. Only include the most important information to grab the attention of job seekers. Keep it as short as possible.
      2. Job responsibilities - these are the duties thean employee to be hired will be expected to completes at work, based on their specific role
      3. Qualification requirements - are the skills, education, experience and traits that an employer expects someone to have to be successful in the posteda job position
      4. How to apply - instructions on procedure the interested candidates should follow to submit their applications for the posted job
    6. NOTE CAREFULLY: A good job description: 
      1. Starts with required qualifications
      2. Has small, easy-to-read paragraphs rather than big blocks of text
      3. Uses bullet points to break up text
      4. Uses easy to understand vocabulary
      5. Is written in an upbeat, conversational tone
    7. Step 5: Application instructions + assessments
      1. Depending on what package you are subscribed to, BrighterMonday’s pre-qualification questions and Skills assessment tools can help you zero in on great applicants and settle on who to contact for an interview.
      2. You can create and add a question that helps you gather vital information about the candidates applying for your role. 
      3. You can also add a skills assessment if you want to put your applicants’ skills to the test. Choose from over 80 pre-made topic-specific assessments from general skills to role specific tests. Improve your chances of getting the best candidate by simply adding a pre-screening assessment for them to do.
      4. Adding skills tests to your job posts can be great for two reasons: (1) it helps you quickly prioritize which applicants to contact for interviews (2) it can show that a candidate is serious about the role if they take the time to complete a skills test.
    8. Step 6: Choose how to receive and view applications 
      1. BrighterMonday offers a variety of ways to view applications
      2. ATS only - all applications are received and processed via BrighterMonday’s applicant tracking system that the employer has access to through their dashboard?
      3. Email & ATS - Applications are received via the ATS and an email notification is sent to the email address specified (in the employer’s dashboard/profile?) for such communication
      4. Linkout - applications happen on another website or via an online application form you have created whose link is provided in the job advert.
  2. After posting your job remember to boost it so that you can get 3x more applications and start shortlisting earlier.

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