Choosing The Right Recruitment Solutions

Choosing The Right Recruitment Solutions

Stephen Covey once mentioned the overarching statement quoted below:
Technology and tools are useful and powerful when they are your servant and not your master.

To bring the point back home, his statement well defines the predicament which puzzles quite a lot of hiring managers that is - how do I, as a hiring manager choose the right recruitment solution for my next hire without incurring unnecessary liabilities? 

The BrighterMonday Applicant Tracking System offers hiring managers fit-for-purpose recruitment solutions which greatly minimises the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Below are recruitment solutions which hiring managers should consider using for their next hiring campaign:
  1. Job Listing: This recruitment solution provides you with an 'advertising slot’ so that you can post the vacant positions in your firm and ultimately create a pool of applications. The Job Listing solution guarantees you a lifetime access of applications, which means that you will have a highly categorised CV bank.
  2. Job Boost: This add-on optimises the audience reach of your job adverts through prominent visibility and premium branding. It has been proven that, boosted job adverts get 3x more visibility, which doubles the count of received applications, and subsequently increasing the diversity of applicants plus giving you the ability to start shortlisting earlier than expected.
  3. BestMatch: This digital solution leverages the expertise of internal Recruitment Consultants & ATS Technology in matching the Best Candidates with Job Requirements. BestMatch transparently reveals who to consider for interviews, think of it as a digital assistant that accurately points you to the right hiring direction.
  4. ProRecruit: This hiring solution does all the recruitment heavy lifting which allows you to only focus on interviewing top candidates. ProRecruit guarantees that you will get the best of candidate by pre-qualifying them through screening interviews (T&C's apply)
  5. Assessments: The assessment solution provides a collection of tests for different jobs, that allows hiring managers to assess the Technical Skills and Aptitude required for a specific role. By assessing all applicants, you have the assurance that candidates to be interviewed can actually do the job
Attached herewith are brochures that will help you learn more about which products to use when hiring.
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