Export a copy of the Data in your BrighterMonday Profile

Export a copy of the Data in your BrighterMonday Profile

You've successfully created and updated your BrighterMonday Job Seeker account, and now you're interested in downloading a copy of your profile. We're here to guide you through this straightforward process.
Downloading Your Job Seeker Profile on BrighterMonday Getting a copy of your Job Seeker Profile on BrighterMonday is a breeze.

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Begin by signing in to your Job Seeker Profile

  2. Once you've successfully signed in, click on the profile icon then head over to the "Account Settings" section.

  3.  On the Account Settings page, you'll find the "Export/Download" option. Click on it to generate a copy of your account information. Save the file to your preferred directory or location.

As a valued member, you have the right to access and verify the accuracy of your personal data. If you need to make any corrections or updates, you have the power to do so. Here's how: 

  • Go to your profile on Brighter Monday. 

  • Review your data to ensure accuracy. 

  • Rectify any information that needs correction.

´╗┐Should you encounter any issues during this process, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at 
customerservice@brightermonday.co.ke or privacy@brightermonday.co.ke for prompt assistance.

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