Filtering and Sorting Applications

Filtering and Sorting Applications

Filtering Applications
The BrighterMonday Applicant Tracking & Management System avails you with powerful filters that enable you to make your shortlisting process easy by narrowing down a list of applicants to a manageable size.
In the default layout of any of the application tabs - Candidates, Viewed, In Review, Shortlisted, Hired, Not Suitable: you can find the filters at the top of the page. You can filter by Keywords, Assessment Scores (for jobs with an Assessment), Highest Qualification, Years of Experience, Gender, and much more.

Below is the process of using filters provided by the ATS:

  1. The first step is to ensure that you are at the right Status Tab (e.g. Shortlisted Status Tab)

  2. From the top of the page slightly scroll down up to the Filter Section/Card that has the Keyword Search bar.

  1. After the Keyword Search section, click on the SHOW MORE link to view extra search filters. 

  1. Use the extra filters such as Experience Level, Education Level, Assessment Score so as to refine your search:

  1. Once done click on the APPLY button and all the applicants shown in that Status Tab will meet your filter criteria

To remove the filters you should click on the Reset button which is also located in the Filter Section/Card.

Sorting the Applications List
You can also sort your list of applications in your preferred order (decide which applications should show at the top) - E.g Latest applications first, Boosted Candidates first, or even by Assessment Scores (for jobs that have an Assessment) - you can choose to show those with the highest scores on top.
To begin sorting the received applications, you simply need to start by clicking on the Sort By option then select the sort criteria as shown in the image below:

The 4 levels of sorting as follows:
  1. Latest Sorting: This sorting approach gives priority to the most recent applications such that they will be shown on page 1 as the older one's cascade to the next pages
  2. BestMatch Sorting: This sorting approach gives priority to top applicants who were matched by our AI algorithm.
  3. Boosted Candidates Sorting: This sorting approach gives priority to applicants who have completed their career profiles (The Boosted Candidates)
  4. Assessment Sorting: This sorting approach gives priority to applicants who had the highest scores.

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