Gaining Career Development Insights

Gaining Career Development Insights

BrighterMonday provides Job Seekers with Career Development Insights that enable you to discover your personal and career strengths, so you can identify growth potential and perform at your peak. Our insights come with the ability to request endorsements from friends and colleagues, which allows you to find out how others see you.
To access your insights, follow these steps as illustrated below:
  1. While logged in, tap on the hamburger menu to access the menu
  2. Scroll down in the menu and tap on the INSIGHT menu option
  3. Tap on the SELF ASSESSMENT button and then select 6 characteristics that you feel describes you best

  4. Once you have self assessed, request your colleagues to assess you too, by clicking on the SEND NEW INVITATION 
Note: Your Talent Discovery Report can only be unlocked by completing your Self Assessment and receiving at least two Endorsements.

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