A Revamped Standard Job

A Revamped Standard Job

According to the ILO, in 2022, the Unemployment Rate for young people in Africa was 12.7% compared to 14.9% at a global scale. This implies that employers will have to sort through thousands of applications just to find 1 right candidate for the job. That's where the Standard recruitment solution powered by a recommendation engine comes in handy.

How it works

The recommendation engine has been layered on top of the existing matching algorithm (that also powers the Basic Job). This engine uses the matching algorithm to invite relevant applicants from our database based on a job seeker's skills, experience, and other qualifications, and then matches them with suitable job postings. 

In a nutshell, here's how the recommendation engine works:
  1. Job seekers create a profile with their skills, experience, and qualifications, and upload their resume.
  2. Employers post job openings and provide a detailed job description, outlining the required skills and experience for the role.
  3. The matching algorithm then matches the job seeker's profile with the job description and assigns high scores to profiles that are relevant to the job.
  4. The recommendation engine then uses scores from the matching algorithm to search for relevant passive candidates from our database and invites them to apply.
  5. Passive Job seekers then receive invites for job openings that match their skills and experience, and can apply for them directly through the platform.
  6. Employers receive a list of recommended job seekers who meet the qualifications for the job posting, and can review their profiles and resumes to make a hiring decision.

How to use it

  1. Start by posting a job description from the ATS
  2. Immediately after posting a job you will be redirected to another page that will show 1 suggested candidates
  3. Then finish off by clicking on the Invite Candidate button to invite a candidate to apply for the job you just posted

Benefits for you

  1. For employers, the recommendation engine not only saves employers time and effort in screening candidates but also helps to streamline the recruitment process
  2. Also, this new feature gives an employer access to a high relevance talent pool that is less frequently used by other recruiters, thus giving you a competitive advantage
  3. For job seekers, this engine increases their chances of finding a suitable job that matches their skills and experience by inviting them to apply for jobs matching their skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many candidates can I invite to apply for my job after it has been posted?
    You can invite up to 10 candidates to apply for your job after it has been posted.

  2. How do I select the candidates to invite?
    You can select candidates based on their experience, qualifications, or any other criteria you deem relevant to the job.

  3. Can I personalize the invitation message to each candidate?
    Yes, you can personalize the invitation message to each candidate. This can help you stand out and increase the likelihood of the candidate accepting your invitation.

  4. Will the candidates I invite automatically apply for my job?
    No, the candidates you invite wouldn't have automatically applied to your job. They would receive an invitation message with a link to apply, and it is up to them whether or not they choose to apply.

  5. Can I invite candidates who have already applied for my job?
    No, you cannot invite candidates who have already applied for your job. The invitation feature is only available for candidates who have not yet applied.
As the job market becomes more competitive, the recommendation engine can help to streamline the recruitment process, save time and effort, and reduce bias in hiring decisions. 

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