The BrighterMonday Applicant Tracking System

The BrighterMonday Applicant Tracking System

BrighterMonday provides direct employers and recruiters using our website, with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is a recruitment software that assists employers/recruiters to manage their recruiting and hiring process. With a click of a few buttons, an employer/recruiter can accomplish a myriad of tasks including posting jobs, managing job listings, and navigate large volumes of applicants in a very short time.
BrighterMonday Applicant Tracking System has the general workflow described below:
  1. The first step is signing up and this quick start guide will help you get there quick (learn more here)
  2. The next step when in your journey, is to publish a job advert to the job website so as to attract applications (learn more here).
  3. When applicants apply for the job, their contact information, experience, educational background, resume, and cover letter are uploaded into the ATS.
  4. The next step is reviewing the applications. This process involves moving applications through the recruitment funnel which also notifies applicants that the status of their applications has been updated (learn more here). 
  5. Through the ATS, employers/recruiters can schedule interviews and mail rejection letters through the ATS emailing feature (learn more here). 
  6. Finally, through the ATS, human resources personnel can also build a candidate pool which is a database of applications for future reference (learn more here)
Our ATS has lots of advantages and they can be condensed into the following 4 key merits:
  1. Save Your Time: BrighterMonday's ATS helps you to automate your recruitment activities with the utmost of ease, thus reducing the burden of doing repetitively asks.
  2. Better Manage Your Recruitment Workflow: BrighterMonday's ATS creates a single-view profile of the candidate, which in turn enables you as an employer/recruiter you execute a lot of recruitment tasks without getting switching apps.
  3. Create A CVs Database:  BrighterMonday's ATS enables you to create your very own Database of applications through the Candidate Pools functionality.
  4. Communicate Feedback With Ease: BrighterMonday's ATS also provides you as an employer/recruiter with a mechanism for both automatically updating applicants on the status of their applications and email them specific instructions about the next recruitment stages.

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    • Is BrighterMonday a recruitment agency?

      BrighterMonday is not a recruitment agency. We do not conduct interviews on behalf of our clients/subscribers; neither do we meet jobseekers for any reasons related to employment by any of our clients/subscribers.
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